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  Education Division : PROGRAMS  
Learning forms the building blocks of empowerment and civilization. No single nation will advance in the 21st century without education. Education has consequence. IQuman is defining the precise education culture of the new age. We offer a major contribution to any partner or government striving for a high-performance education climate.
Elevating Human Performance   Accelerating Government Performance
Increasing School Performance   Enriching Education Culture
Education Development
Education development services are focused on sustainable outcome solutions to drive standards forward within a contextual, collaborative framework. Our development services are woven through the range of stakeholders to consolidate engagement. We have core capacities for human resources, school design, school improvement, school and curriculum management, IT systems, inspection frameworks, assessment and staff training at primary to tertiary levels.
Critical Change Services
IQuman delivers education reform in critical conditions. We collaborate with governments to contain associated impacts on children and learning.
Quality Functional Dimension
With a core aim of developing talent, productivity and outcome; IQuman guides senior stakeholders to develop the capacities of government education departments.
Strategy & Policy
Education mechanisms are connected to trend and change at local, national, regional and global ranges. IQuman delivers relevant education strategy and policy to meet transitional contexts.